My name is Denis Glushkov. I'm a Software Developer. My main language is Rust, but I also know Java basics and C, which I'm learning now, and just a little bit of x86_assembler. As my main OS at work, I use Ubuntu. You can visit my gitea (check the link below) to see some of my projects.

Edu & Career

I completed my undergraduate in June 2020 and got a bachelor degree in HSE's PR & Adds. After a few years of internships in that field I realized it wasn't my kind of thing, so I decided to start career in IT industry. Since November 2020 I've been working in Tinkoff Bank. My first position was in Payment System Support Department, during which one I provided technical support for credit products in Oracle Database using PL/SQL. In October 2022 I moved to a new position as a Rust Software Developer and now developing high-load systems for issuer processing.


My main hobby is metal music and everything that goes with it: music listening, merchandise collecting and guitar playing. I'm a happy owner of Strandberg Boden Prog NX 6, which I play in my spare time.


If you want to contact me, please use links below. Most preferable way is email and less one is telegram ('cause every new contact is muted by default). I also have a LinkedIn profile and will be glad to add you in contacts.